It’s on.

Hungry man, reach for the book: it is a weapon. ~Bertolt Brecht

The SEO keyword grab is on and the main course right now: ‘The Hunger Games‘, what else!? Whatever you write about, whatever your platform, whatever you want people to read right now, put ‘The Hunger Games’ in there somewhere and your chances of getting some clicks increase exponentially.

A lot happens on the train in 'The Hunger Games'

Case(s) in point:

Forbes, Five Economic Lessons Of The Hunger Games

[All in] Christianity Today, Jesus in ‘The Hunger Games’
[All out] Star Tribune, ‘Hunger Games’ snubs religion

Fitness Magazine, Eat for Survival in ‘The Hunger Games’

Visit North Carolina, 12 places to experience ‘The Hunger Games’

Politico, Mitt Romney: I liked ‘The Hunger Games’
Note: this is more of a headline grab by Romney, Politico is just reporting on it
The Washington Times, “Welcome to Obamaville” is Rick Santorum’s “Hunger Games”

Home Decor:
She Knows: Home and Garden,  Gothic, dramatic, District 12 decor

And one of my personal favorites, a stab at dieting, exercise, commercialism and more plus a brilliant use of some of the hottest trending keywords online combined with humor, sarcasm, and satire:

Here Are Some Tips to Get You Hunger Games Skinny

It’s called smart marketing– organic SEO and understanding trends to promote a product or brand. Not a bad idea really. And in my own small way, I just did it, too.